The main producers of quality hardware worldwide are:


Every brand has its own advantages, but in general their products are similar with regards to functions and price.

Double-plane opening windows

Hardware for double-plane and standard opening windows

The mechanisms are easy to use and function well with single sash and double-sash windows, and with balcony doors as well. There are mechanisms with ordinary and security bars.

In case you are worried about burglary of your home, you can choose mechanisms with security bars, known also as anti-burglary hardware.

Also you can mount handle with key or button on the windows and doors accessible for the children in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Another useful accessory which you can add to your balcony door is the so called "catch". It is supplied with a small handle /similar to those of the anti-insect nets/, which is mounted on the outer side of the door.

With the help of the handle you close the door from the outside, while the catch closes the door tightly without locking it.


Folding doors hardware

With this hardware different number of folding doors can be configured, i.e. from 3 to 7 doors.

The sashes move with the help of upper and lower roll carriers. This type of hardware provides 100% opening ability.

Parallel-sliding hardware - "Volkswagen" type

It allows the configuration of windows and window displays with one, two or four sashes. It attributes to the perfect insulation in closed position.

You can open the sash in upper slightly opened position. In the course of exploitation of this type of hardware we can feel the lightness of the sliding door. The sashes can reach maximum weight of 200 kg.


Entrance doors hardware

The locks we use for the production of entrance doors comply with the DIN standard for entrance doors.

They are reinforced and anti-burglary. They are suitable both for single and double sash doors.

There are several options: the door is locked by pulling up the handle or the door is locked by means of a key cylinder. To the variant with a key cylinder we can add hooks, rolls, bars or self-closing bars.

Hardware for sliding and lifting the leaf

With this type of hardware it can also be possible to construct windows and window displays with one, two or four sashes.

It is suitable for large window displays. It is characterized with stability of the roll carriers.

With this hardware the sash can weigh up to 300 kg. The most special feature of this type of opening is the light movement of the sashes.