Window sills

Window sills

Internal window sills

The internal window sills are plastic and they are mounted under the new window before the installation of the window system.

These sills are with different width and depending on the wall its dimensions may vary. They are very practical and easy for maintenance. They are cleaned with a moist cloth.

The available colours for the internal window sills are white colour and wooden pattern. It is important, when measuring the working dimensions, that you should tell our consultant that you want sills, so that he could take them into account.

External window sills

The external window sills, unlike the internal sills, are aluminum, and they replace the old metal sheet window sills.

They also are available in different width, so it is recommendable to be considered in due time, as sometimes it is impossible to be mounted after the new window system has already been mounted.

The standard colour is white, and ft the customer wants, they can be powder coated in the numerous colours of the RAL catalogue..