Glass units

Glass units

The glass units are two or three glasses, separated by a spacer, filled in with silica gel, and glued with a special glue.

In this way, a hermetically closed space is formed between the glass layers, which entirely excludes the possibility of entering of dusty air into it.

Due to this the glass unit has long life and ensures better thermal and sound insulation, protection against burglary and resistance to wind.

Double glazed glass
Double glazed units

An important parameter when choosing the glass unit is the level of thermal insulation. It depends on the type of glasses, the thickness of the glass unit, as well as from the distances between the glass layers.

The use of the new types of glasses, i.e. the Low-E glass and the Multifunctional /4 seasons/ glass attribute to the higher level of thermal insulation of your windows.

It is important to know that the investment in a better glass unit will be returned in the first few months.

In order to obtain maximal thermal insulation from your glass unit, it is necessary to choose such glass unit which has a lower Coefficient of thermal conductivity Ug.