Glass sliding doors

Glass sliding doors

The glass sliding doors create a stunning contemporary vision of every room.

You can choose between single or double glass sliding doors.

By using 8mm/10mm glasses, as well as the solid hardware of stainless steel provides a good appearance and problem-free use of the sliding glass doors. For these glass doors we always use tempered glass which guarantees safety even if it breaks. Depending on the use of the sliding door, the client may choose a float /transparent/ glass, chemical matt or three-dimensional coloured glass.

They are characterized by an upper rail and roll mechanism. The absence of lower rail provides easier crossing, as it does not have to be stepped over.

Usually, a handle is inserted in the glass, which does not interfere with the movement of the door. Other types of handles can be used as well. The fixing of the glass door to the floor is achieved with a very fine floor guide.

Sliding system

There is also a sliding system for glass doors which allows the coverage of larger area. It is characterized with very fine lower rail, which allows the mounting of five glasses. This lower rail does not hinder the walking people.

The glasses, which are used, are tempered too. This system works with 10 mm glass, which can be float glass, chemical matt or three-dimensional coloured glass.

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