Glass window displays and glass doors

Glass window displays

Glass window displays are a suitable choice for shops, offices and premises where the appearance has to be extremely elegant and welcoming. Two types of glass materials are used:

Tempered float glass

Tempered float glass 10 mm which has almost ideally parallel surfaces. For the making of glass window displays the glass should be tempered. This is necessary because in this way the glass becomes safer, i.e. in case of breaking it falls down to small grains, which is due to its processing.

In case of breakage of non-tempered glass, it falls down in large sharp parts which may lead to serious consequences. This type of glass is entirely transparent and allows 100% visibility.

Glass window displays

Laminated glass

The laminated glass is used also for glazing large glass surfaces. It is known also under the name Triplex.

It is produced by adding together of two or more layers of ordinary float glass with plastic internal layer, usually made of polyvinyl butyl (PVB).

The intermediary layer holds the two glass layers bonded even after their breaking and its high level of strength prevents the breaking of the glass into parts, and it does not fall down. Its replacement can be done after several days, which is a convenience for our clients.

PVB is placed in between the glass layers which afterwards are heated to about 70°C, and afterwards they are rolled over in order to take out the remaining air and to create an initial bond. The usual combination of the triplex consists of 5 mm glass, 0,38 mm intermediary layer, 5 mm glass. Thus the obtained end product is 10,4 mm triplex, which is the used standard thickness for glass window displays.

Glass doors

Glass doors

The glass doors are supplied with high quality German moving devices Dorma or Geze. This guarantees to the customers their smooth use.

By fixing a set of silicone seals to the glass door, you can stop the minimal inflow of warmth or cold from the outside.