Roof windows

Roof windows

The windows Roto are branded with the inscription "Made in Germany" and comply with the highest German quality. Produced out of first-class materials and technologies, they are characterized with durability, resistance to wear, and they are tested according to the standards DIN.


Therefore Roto provide the longest warranty for roof windows – 15 years.

The products of Roto can be found in over 500 million facades and windows in the whole world, and this is not accidental.

In addition to the modern design and optimal integration with the roof, the roof windows Roto offer functionality, comfort and safety. The comfort and the easy use are provided by the intelligent functioning of the window and the accessories, as well as the easy cleaning. Roto is the only roof window which can be opened when it has an anti-insect net as well.


All roof windows of Roto have at least third class of safety which has been proven by a series of tests, while their glass units are additionally reinforced. Roto is the window with the best thermal conductivity in the world, i.e. Uw=0.84 W/m2K, while model R4 is the only window with medial axle of spinning, which offers three-point locking and Uw=1.3W/m2K.


The environmental protection is a personal mission of Roto. Therefore the PVC windows are made of a homogenous material with steel reinforcement fixed with a bolt. In this way the material can easily be recycled and returned back to the production cycle. In order to ensure the highest standard of environmental protection, Roto works together with the most up-to-date factory for recycling of PVC windows worldwide. All roof windows made of wood are of impeccable quality, while the wood material used for their production comes from forestation.

You can find the following types of windows:

  • WDF R8 Designo H/K – Window with high axle

  • WDF R6 Designo H/K – Spinning window RotoTronic

  • WDF R7 Designo H/K – Window with high axle

  • WDF R4 Designo H/K – Spinning window

  • WDT R4 Designo H/K – Spinning window RotoTronic

  • WRA R5 Designo H/K – Flue window

  • WDA R3 Designo H/K – Roof hatches

  • WSA R8 Designo H/K – Emergency hatches