PVC Windows

During the last decade the installation of PVC windows became a standard practice due to the high level of thermal insulation. It is very easily maintained, wind resistant, resistant to changes in the climate, it is protected against UV radiation, the colours are long-lasting. PVC window systems do not burn and they are not impaired by cold weather and water.

In addition to the standard white colour we offer other colours, such as wooden designs, which are an excellent imitation of wood. When choosing a wooden pattern you save yourself the necessity of periodic lacquering and annual maintenance of the old wooden window frames. The supporting metal profiles integrated in the PVC profiles guarantee you perfect performance in the course of exploitation.

PVC Windows



Оne of the leading brands for PVC window frames. Individual approach towards the client, fast deliveries and technical innovations quickly established KBE as one of the best profile systems in Europe.



ETEM was established in 1971 and it is part of the biggest metal processing holding on the Balkans.

The PVC profiles are produced in the factory QUANTUM, located in Sofia. The production base is part of the investment of ETEM which aims at making the company a complex supplier of facade and window systems.

The offered systems with the brand ETEM are the following:


4-chambers profile system, 60mm installation depth


The PVC system Q60 has a classic design and excellent physical and technological parameters. Excellent option for those searching for an economical solution.

The 4-chambers and the installation depth of 60 mm provide very good thermal and sound insulation of the profiles, which when combined with suitable glass units turns into a product with excellent insulation parameters. Glazing possibilities: 24mm and 32mm.

This PVC system allows you to choose between two designs – straight or oval sash, called also “stylish”. The straight sash allows the use of aluminum cladding in different colours which contributes to the individuality of your façade, and in the meantime you are not required to match the colour of the window profiles with the furniture, as the profile is white on the inner side.

The classic forms of the profiles match discreetly with the appearance of the facade. This is due to the extensive variety of the decorative foils on the profile, produced by Renolit, in many colours and wood patterns.


5-chambers profile system, 72mm installation depth


The window system ЕТЕМ Q72 is a 5-chamber PVC profile with 3 mm thickness of the walls, which makes it a class A system.This system has optimized installation depth of 72 mm and it is produced in compliance with all European ecological and energy requirements towards the windows.

The production of the system Q72 is made under the strict control of the quality. The profiles are characterized by the integrated gaskets.

The colour availabilities for this window system are various, from the classic colours to wood imitations. With its classic lines this window system allows the use of aluminum cladding from the outer side of the façade. The client is given a wide choice of colours, both all RAL colours and wood imitations. In this way you can make your façade an architectural masterpiece , and in the same time the windows can remain on the inside in the classic white colour.

The PVC system ЕТЕМ Q72, in combination with the suitable glass unit, can reach a thermal transmittance Uw = 0.90 W/m. K*, and sound insulation Rw=47 dB*

*In combination with a glass unit with thermal transmittance Ug=0.70 W/m. K.

Glazing possibilities 24mm, 28mm, 34mm and 42mm.


KBE PremiLine

PremiLine is a sliding PVC system. The structure of the leaf consists of 3 chambers, the depth of installation is 54 mm. The total depth of installation is 118mm. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of the system PremiLine is 1,9 W/(m 2 K).

The glass unit could have a thickness of up to 28 mm.This window system is characterized with light and silent moving of the sliding leaf.It allows the installation of two, three and four leaves.

KBE PremiLine


Bulgarian market offers at the moment and the sliding PVC system Profilink. The system is with mounting width of 73 mm and total system width of 110 mm. This system is characterized with excellent quality, modern design and competitive price.